Why Coconut?

why coconut wax
SHORES COMPANY • sustainable is sexy! All our products are sourced from vendors that are sustainable to our environment. Why do I use coconut wax & coconut oil? Firstly I just love the natural scent of coconut. Second there’s many options for wax used in a candle but I didn’t want to sacrifice quality or our environment. Coconut is the most sustainable wax on the market beside beeswax but bee wax is not vegan friendly. Third did you know that soy wax is extremely devastating to our planet bc of how it’s farmed, it has led to mass deforestation. Fourth coconut is used for many resources other than just its fruit meaning it’s eco friendly as well and used entirely so it’s less wasteful. Lastly coconut wax is known to burn clean which means when you’re burning our candles you are not admitting toxins in the air • So go check out our cleaner option products @shorescompany • @shoresco.flagship is open for in person shopping during most days of the week 🐚
Made in Hawaii 
Located in Waialua Hawaii in the Old Waialua Sugar Mill