Meet The Founder

Tawnya Proctor

Founder Tawnya Proctor born and raised in the small beach town of Leucadia, in Southern California. Inspired by a life spent soaking up the sun, traveling to tropical islands and beaches around the globe. It is no surprise the ocean is her playground. Her passion for handmade goods by artisans from around the world and attention to detail bringing us back in time through fragrance, using exotic florals with warm notes of spice and subtle hints of tropical coconut in all Shores Co. hand crafted products, this is her vision of beach culture.
Experience her unique eye for interior styling and focus on organic materials, traditional craftsmanship and a tropical ambience; Tawnya’s sole intention is to create fragrances and spaces that emanate a relaxed, natural sanctuary in all of the homes or trendy shops she collaborates with. Bring paradise home with her collection of tropical infused fine fragrances, homewares and beach essentials.